|island living|

What would you want if you were stranded on an island?  Today I got to enjoy a day stuck on my island, which is the plot of land we live on.  Our neighborhood is a loop with an “island” of several homes in the middle – we are one of those homes.  Apparently they were doing something to our street . . . not resurfacing, not making it smoother, not improving it in any visible way, just made it blacker (they claim this stuff they sprayed on the road makes it easier to repair in the future).  Anyway, because of this we were unable to drive on our road ALL DAY; the neighboring street is packed full of cars.  And since we are part of the island, it was nearly impossible to access our car until this evening.

It certainly was not what we traditionally think of as relaxing island living, but it was a great day at home and was refreshing to know I couldn’t just run and jump in the car.  The garage was empty which made for a great play area; Conner walked to and from swimming lessons, and even got trapped at a friend’s house across the street (we figured out how to strategically get him home); and Logan loved watching the big truck at work.  It was not so fun to pack up the stroller and haul all the children down the street to a HOT car . . . I will be glad for tomorrow when we get back to convenience and “main land” life! But I will continue my own “island”/solo life while Dave is away in the Big Apple – definitely won’t be relaxing, however that amazing smile (above) will certainly help!


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