|the day of rest|

This is Dave with another guest post. This time Amber asked me to write about our experiences today. She wanted to get my perspective on the adventure that was our Sunday.

So this weekend we have had G & G Mac and my sister’s son, Atticus, as our guests. It’s been great watching the cousins play so well together. We don’t get to see Atticus very much because he lives in Seattle. They all came to church with us, which is where the adventure began.

First, sacrament meeting. Logan had been playing his new game of “I don’t need to go potty” all day. Partway through the meeting I look over and see Amber and Logan not there, so I thought to myself-oh good, he’s going potty. Then Audra started crying so I took her out in the hall. Amber and Logan came back up the hall and Amber tells me he didn’t go. So we traded kids, and I took him down the hall to try again. Our church has a little kid sized toilet in the nursery room, so you would think that the kid would want to go since it is his size.

Of course, he refused. I even modeled the correct behavior, thinking that he would want to be like daddy. Nope. So I gave up and took him back in the chapel.

Fast forward to the closing hymn. Let me describe the scene: I was sitting towards the middle of the pew, logan was standing next to me, then Atticus, Conner, Amber and Audra at the edge. G & G Mac were sitting behind us. There was a coloring book and some other church toys on the floor by Logan’s feet. So I am sitting there, singing, and I happen to glance down. Initially all I saw was the look on Logan’s face, but the meaning didn’t register for a split second. I look down into his big eyes, and they are frozen on me. There’s a slight hint of panic in his eyes.

Then, to my horror, I noticed liquid pooling around his church sandals. Logan remained frozen, eyes fixed in the trance that I finally recognized- he was peeing! What could I do? the pools got bigger and bigger. I got Amber’s attention but there was nothing she could do either. This kid was going to empty his entire bladder on the floor in the middle of the chapel, and nothing was going to stop it.

The hymn ended, the prayer was said, people started to get up. I held Logan’s shoulders so he couldn’t move. Grandma took Audra, Amber took Logan home to change, and Grampa and I were left to clean up the pee. The first thing I did was throw away all the pee-soaked things on the floor. Then I got about 6 feet of paper towels to try to soak up the mess. Surely that should be enough, right? Nope. I probably saturated 20 feet of paper towels. I got some cleaning stuff and scrubbed the floor. I did not want my family to be responsible for the chapel smelling like pee.

So Amber got back with Logan in some new pants and shoes. He went on to nursery. Later on I made the mistake of going in to check to see if he needed to go potty, but he freaked out and wouldn’t let me leave, so I had to take him with me. We were really fortunate that G & G were there, we would have gone completely insane without them.

Anyway, that was our day at church. Didn’t get much out of it, but at least we were where we were supposed to be.


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