|bur lake|

We were fortunate enough to spend last week as  Tanner family at Bear Lake (AKA Bur Lake if you ask Logie).  We went to the same cabin were able to use last Fall – it was just as amazing, but a lot more fun.  This time mom wasn’t sick, and we were able to get out and really enjoy the beach, the pool, and the beautiful scenery.

Our 6 days were simply not enough and were filled with many insightful and hilarious conversations (sans kidlets), games galore (can you say “fondle” – inside joke), a frenzy of amazing food, swimming, hot-tubbing, sandcastle building, baby playing, hiking, more swimming, ping-ponging, and enjoying every minute together.  Of course I can’t forget my kids favorite part:  the store!  G&G had the grandkids perform a simple task every morning so they could then visit the store where they picked out a new toy (thank you dollar store).  We enjoyed them making beds, singing Primary songs, and cleaning up. We all wanted to stay longer and my kids continue to ask when we can go back.  It was the perfect family vacation!  And this time the only thing we lost was Logan’s potty seat deflector.  He claimed he needed to go potty on the way down the canyon, we stopped at a campground and when Dave set the potty seat on the toilet, the deflector fell off down into the hole of death.  We weren’t sure what we were going to do, because that deflector was pretty much a lifesaver (boys and sitting = messy), so Logan has learned to stand.

I am grateful to wonderful people who allowed us the use of their beautiful cabin, for an amazing family who all gets along and has fun together!  Definitely the perfect get-away!!


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