So, my wonderful mother decided to break from tradition this year and get Conner a toy for his birthday (in April).  She usually gives clothes and/or books, which I really appreciate but really is not as thrilling to a child.  When deciding what to get Conner, she found herself wandering the toy aisles and she stumbled upon a bug or reptile habitat.  She knows how much Conner loves to collect bugs and thought it would be perfect for him . . . plus, it came with a coupon for a free tadpole.  As you can imagine, it was mom (me ) who was not thrilled with this year’s gift choice.  I don’t do reptiles.  I realize as the mom to two boys I may have to grow up a bit, but if I can postpone the excitement of these creepy creatures I will.  Too late!!  Someone wants a reptile, a tadpole to be exact.  I’m actually okay with a tadpole, it’s small and swims around, but we all know what tadpoles grow up to be!!  And the thought of that is creepy in itself :-).

Now I thought I had ordered a tadpole from the website, but turns out they only ship in the winter and we missed the cut off.  I kind of promised Conner we would get it for him (since his birthday was 3 months ago).  I opened up my big mouth yesterday and told he and Logan we would go to the pet store today and pick one up.  Pet stores do have all kinds of pets, right?  WRONG!  Luckily, I had the wherewithal to call before leaving the house with 3 children.  No pet store or nursery in the state of Utah has tadpoles, something about the state wildlife division banning them.  Now I have two very disappointed little boys (mom is not so disappointed)!  If anyone knows of a local swamp/pond/river/wherever tadpoles live let me know — after all a promise is a promise!


2 thoughts on “|slimy|

  1. Last year at this time we went to the ponds in Kaysville right off the freeway and went frog fishing. It is really easy to catch them. We always leave them after the kids have time to play with them. But it would be something your boys would love and you could leave them or take the frogs. All you need is a fishing pole with a hook without the sharp part (I think my dad just pulled it off or bent it) You just dangle the shiny part of the hook right infront of their faces and they jump and hook on. It really is so much fun. If you have any questions about it let me know.

  2. I actually have tadpoles living in my front planter box, but I don’t know how well they would survive being mailed from Hawaii. My kids just noticed them a couple of days ago. I would bring one home, but we are here until the end of August and by then-well I don’t think they would want a frog just yet! Good luck, gotta love those kind of gifts.

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