10 years ago (this October) we moved to our lovely little town:  Farmington!  And with that came Farmington Festival Days which is celebrated the 2nd week in July.  We have made it a tradition to attend the yearly Saturday morning parade.  It’s a small parade, which makes it convenient — close by and no fighting for a perfect spot (especially when the neighbors provide shade)!

And of course the kids love it because of the “canny” which is candy in Logan’s vernacular.  Speaking of Logan, he was SUPER excited to go to said parade, but upon arrival stated that he wanted to leave.  A few minutes later he said he needed to go potty; Dave hiked him to the nearest bathroom, which was nowhere near:-) Only to discover he did not need to go to the bathroom.  We soon discovered Logan was using the potty as a reason to go home.  Once we got him a balloon and filled his pockets with canny, he decided it was okay to stick around.  Now Conner, on the other hand was Mr. Go-getter.  He was out there in the street waving at the candy-throwers and collecting as much as possible – it was awesome!  And we came home with enough Salt Water Taffy to last many lifetimes.

Oh, and little Miss A. was awesome.  She slept during the first few minutes and then enjoyed all the excitement and wasn’t even phased by the extraordinarily loud sirens – although I did cover her little ears to protect them.  And good thing, because we learned tonight that our princess baby has an ear infection.  She has been fair miserable for the last day and we are happy to see her feeling better now!


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