|i see london, i see france . . .|

. . .  i see Logan’s underpants!!  YAY!  I took the plunge and decided it was high time to potty train Logan.  He has been showing interest for awhile (which I believe is the MOST important step — what’s the use in forcing a kid who is not ready) and I’m tired of buying diapers for two..  Since Dave had the day off, it worked out nicely to have him assist me.  I used the same method that used with Conner; it is based off the book “Toilet Training in Less Than a Day.”  As I write this the day after training, I would say that it worked quite well.  I’m not going to lie, yesterday morning I was just about ready to give up, but with Dave’s help we persevered and it totally paid off.

making sure those underpants are DRY

It was a day full of underpants checks, “racing” (like a race car) to the potty, and phone calls.  Part of the training process is having the child call people/characters who he looks up to after going potty.  We were able to talk to Lightning McQueen (Aunt Meggie), Doc (Daddy), the King (Grandpa T.), and Sally (Aunt Ali) — thanks to all those willing participants we were able to make it a thrilling day of “Cars” characters.  And we only went through 2 pairs of underpants.  Even though it seems my life is a lot more complicated right now, I know in a few weeks (when all the kinks are worked out) it will be awesome to have only ONE kid in diapers.   I am so proud of my little guy and I can tell he is so proud and happy with himself, he really thinks he is a BIG BOY now!

now I have 2 boys who can't keep their pants up 🙂


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