|he’s got the touch|

My dad was good enough to capture this very “precise” moment.  Conner is really impressing me lately.  We think his little vacation to G&G was a right of passage for him and he has been super helpful, polite, and thoughtful since returning.  Gramma Mac sent him a book on making paper airplanes, so you can imagine the number of papers and airplanes lying around the house.  He’s decided to turn this paper creativity into an entrepreneurial venture.  He will be opening a “paper crafts” store in our front yard in a week or so.  As crazy as it sounds, I think he may be successful; he already has friends asking him to make paper airplanes for them……plus, when was the last time you saw a paper crafts stand in your neighborhood?  Could be the new craze!


One thought on “|he’s got the touch|

  1. This is great! Atticus has been thinking of ways to make money. The other day he made all of this envelopes with hand-picked toys in them that he didn’t want anymore, going to specific people with prices on them. He also wants to sell water to people at the park across the street. So funny!

    Conner is so handsome and tall! Great to be able to see him.

    Aunt Heather

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