|hair loss vs. happiness|

Audra captured by Logan

This girls makes me SO happy.  My favorite time of day with her is morning.  She usually sleeps in until at least 8:30, sometimes later (and usually after eating around 4:00 or 5:00am).  You wouldn’t know she was awake unless you were near her room, because she wakes up so delightful.  She spends her time talking to the bumper pad, looking around, and just being cute until someone comes to see her; then she is full of smiles and stories!

Good thing she makes me so darn happy, because since she has been around for nearly 4 months, my hair has decided it’s that time……time to come out.  Gotta love the post-pregnancy thinning :-)!  I’ll just spend my time looking at this cute thing and not myself for the next few months!

Audra captured by Conner


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