Audra has “officially” been given a name + a blessing!!  We have never waited quite so long to bless a baby (she is just over 3 months), but I thought it worked out perfectly.  I wasn’t nearly as tired as with other children, the weather was much warmer, and she was much cuter :-)!  Sunday, May 30th was a wonderful day.
We had G&G Mac staying with us.
Nate, Tasha + family were able to come and bring Super Gramma with them.
My entire family was in attendance.
Audra was incredibly well-behaved.
The blessing Dave gave her was phenomenal.  The time he took to spiritually prepare really paid off.  He mentioned several things about Audra being close to the Savior and being like Him.  It was very sweet.
The time we were able to spend together as an extended family was delightful.  Gramma Mac had created a Scavenger Hunt for all the grandchildren…..they loved it!  We also celebrated Max’s 8th birthday and Casey’s 30th birthday with a cake and treats.
The food was great, the company even better, and the reason for it all was the best!

I have to say that I always envisioned blessing my daughter in one of those amazingly beautiful, long, detailed blessing dresses.  Here’s the story of her dress:
Shortly after Audra was born, I realized I didn’t have any dresses for her (don’t ask my why) and I was anticipating taking her to church.  My mom and sister were headed out to go shopping and I asked them to see if they could find any cute dresses for her.  They returned with a ruffly white dress and white sweater to match.  We loved it and couldn’t wait to put her in it!  As time went on and I began thinking about shopping for a blessing dress, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend SO much money on a beautiful dress she would only wear once.  Then it donned on me that she had a perfectly cute dress in her closet that could be used that day and again in the future.  And so it was decided to dress her in a more “shabby chic” blessing dress.  I couldn’t have been happier with my decision.  She looked absolutely beautiful on her special day — the dress was perfect for her.  We’ll worry about that expensive single-time dress in the future on wedding day :-), which is hopefully MANY years away!


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