|good kid|

Yesterday, early in the morning, I was hit with some sort of wonderful tummy bug!  I was pretty miserable, but was lucky enough to have a fabulous hubby who took over bathing and dressing children for church, baking Sunday dinner dessert (which was awesome if he does say so himself), and keeping the household under control while I attempted to do the same in my digestive tract.

This morning, I awoke early and just laid in bed listening.  The order of sounds I heard:
an alarm going off down the hall
the boy’s door opening
Conner telling Logan to be quiet
the pantry door opening
a cupboard opening
a bowl falling on the floor
silverware being sorted through

I decided it was time to get up and see what was going on.  The boys were back in their room and Conner was very anxious for us to go downstairs for breakfast.  He was SO excited to point out that he had gotten out everything for breakfast  — bowls, spoons, milk, cereal, cups and juice (he set his alarm so he could get it done before me).  He wasn’t sure if I was feeling better and wanted to do something to help me out.  Unbelievably sweet!  This outpouring of happiness and helpfulness did not end with the breakfast dishes; he even thought to ask me if I was feeling better after school and did everything I asked without a problem.  Makes me want to squeeze the kid and give him whatever he wants when he acts like that.  Lucky for him, he also lost his 4th tooth tonight…..something tells me the tooth fairy is feeling generous.


One thought on “|good kid|

  1. How sweet! That made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’m sorry you’re ill, but sounds like you have a little angel watching out for you!

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