|momentary peace|

There is this really nice walking/biking trail right near our house.  Accessing it requires walking on an overpass over the freeway, another small highway, and the train tracks.  While it is fascinating to be above all the zooming cars and trains, it is SO loud and chaotic.  It is difficult to carry on a conversation and I sometimes find myself just wishing it was quiet.  It takes just a few minutes to cross the bridge and then SILENCE.  Really, it is such a peaceful feeling to be done with that section.

I’m beginning to see how this is similar to my life with 3 children.  My life is so much more chaotic than it has ever been before.  It is certainly hard for me and there are times when I just want things to be calmer and less stressful.  I just feel like I can never get to everything I need to.  Or just when I think I’ve made some headway, something else comes up.  I’m beginning to see that I am going to have to learn how to find peace amidst all the chaos :-)!  Some of the ways I do this is just watching and enjoying my children.  Recently, while nursing, I sat and watched Logan playing with his magnetic train set.  It was so fascinating to watch him figure out how the magnets only work on one side and listening to him count the trains (always leaving out 6).  I have also been known to just sit and hold Audra while she sleeps instead of vacuuming, balancing the checkbook, or even brushing my teeth – she’s too snuggly.  And what could be more thrilling than listening to Conner talk, talk and talk about his day at school……making dinner can certainly wait.

So things don’t always pan out how I would like or according to my schedule; and sometimes life really is chaotic and I am ready to run out the door.  BUT I also know someday {sooner than I would like} there will be no chaos and I will be longing for it!  My new mantra:  It’s just a phase!!  Everything will change eventually; whether it’s in 5 minutes or 5 months.  I just have to remind myself of this and it puts it all in perspective!


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