The day is here.  The day that some moms hate and others try to relish in.  I personally don’t make too much of it.  It’s nice that the hubby and kiddos maybe feel more of a sense of obligation to pick up after themselves, say nice things to me, and possibly plan out a present.  But it’s more a day to remember the “moms” in my life and how I want to grow up to be more like them.

This Mother’s Day I am so grateful to have a healthy mom.  I’ve got a lot left to learn from her and she is such a spiritual being – I aspire to be more like her.  My mom-in-law is one of the most talented, in-touch women I know.  I continue to learn about giving and patience from her.  There are many other women who represent goodness and love in my life and I am eternally grateful for their examples and righteous desires.

I am also grateful that I have been given 3 beautiful children who call me mom (actually Mommy)!  I want to live in a way that makes them want to be good, healthy, choice people……

My mom-in-law was thoughtful enough to send me a card for this holiday.  I think it pretty sums up momhood!
On the front is a picture of Winnie the Pooh, Kanga & Roo.  The caption:
“How do you learn to be a mom?” asked Pooh.
“You just follow your heart,” answered Kanga.


2 thoughts on “|moms|

  1. “I second” everything you just said in your post. It was just right.
    And that is awesome that Dave is building things with a sewing machine. Very handy. I’d love to get one myself.

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