|mother’s??? day|

This lovely item appeared on my doorstep 2 days ago…..I had dropped the hint to my hubby and he took it (really, he was THRILLED that HE didn’t have to come up with a Mother’s Day gift on his own)!

It sat on the living room floor, unopened, until Dave returned from his business trip that night.  He immediately opened it, began reading the manual, and taught himself how to use the machine.  He stayed up late familiarizing himself with sewing.

The next day found him at Wal-mart buying an apron pattern and some remnant fabric.  He spent the better part of last night, as well as this morning sewing an apron…..oh I mean, “building” an apron.  Because according to him, that’s all sewing is.  I have yet to use the machine, but that’s okay I’ll be buying myself a BBQ grill for Father’s Day!

His mom should be SO proud :-)!  One more thing:  I wasn’t supposed to mention this newfound hobby to anyone, so this will be our little secret….


One thought on “|mother’s??? day|

  1. I love it. I am a firm believer men make great seamstresses. After years of teaching jr. high sewing, I realize men/boys do a great job sewing. They are detail oriented (typically straight lines and crisp corners) and enjoy the process of creating/building something. After all a sewing machine is an electronic device. What guy doesn’t like electronics. :o) Those are some impressively straight lines. Good job Dave!

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