|FHE fun|

Last night for Family Home Evening, we decided to mix fun, food, and scriptures!  My current calling is on the Relief Society Board (formerly known as the Enrichment Committee) and our next activity involves Food Storage.  We were asked to look through recipes and find some that used our food storage items.  I came across a recipe for “Homemade Tootsie Rolls.”  It is a bit challenging to find treats that don’t contain gluten for Logan and myself, so I decided to give them a try + they use up dry milk…..for some added fun, we each made our dough into our favorite scripture story.  Then we had to guess what each person had made.  It turned out great!  Conner really got into making his “Samuel the Lamanite” scene.  Logan was awfully quiet as he kept his mouth full of the gooey deliciousness.

We all had fun, learned how the scriptures apply to us today, and Conner was beyond excited to take his Tootsie Rolls in his lunch today!

Logan and I made the boat that Nephi and his family traveled on!

Dave and his Liahona!

Conner's very descriptive scene!

Loving that sweetness!


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