So, I got a burr under my saddle and decided it was high time I took care of a few errands that were not located close by.  I packed up two of my wonderful children – the kisser and the kissee – (who was sleeping very peacefully in my bed) and headed out on a 20-30 minute car ride.  The ride went as smoothly as can be expected.  The children were only slightly whiny and the weather was bizarre.  It had been snowing when we left, but as we headed North the sky turned a beautiful blue and the sun shone.  Amidst all that clearness were huge snowflakes fluttering down – it was one of the most beautiful weather moments I can remember.

Once we arrived at our first location, baby A decided she was done.  Done with the carseat, done with me attempting to hold her, done with her binky, etc.  Kid L was awesome!  He stuck right by me and obeyed my every command.  How could I not give in and buy him the Tigger & Pooh spoon and fork he desperately wanted?  As a sidenote, who decided to name a bear ‘Pooh?’

At our next stop I knew I would have to change things up.  Lucky for me, I had decided at the last minute to grab the Baby Bjorn and throw it in the car.  LIFE SAVER!  Baby A fell sound asleep and I could resume my Gluten-free shopping in peace.  Kid L was happy as a clam to be pushing his own kid-sized cart and finding “Bubby food.”

As I drove home I realized that I am officially “one of those moms.”  The mom with the two little kids, the screaming baby, the stuff everywhere, the unable to get my wallet out of my purse because my hands are full of baby and binky, etc.  Since I am part of that club, all I can do is accept it and offer a sympathetic nod to other moms of my club when I see them…..at least I know I’m not alone!


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