|my sugar baby|

My middle child, Logan, was a VERY difficult baby!  That kid screamed from the moment he came out and for the first year of his life.  However, I do remember in his baby blessing Dave said something about how he would always make people smile.  I am now beginning to see how he will do this.  Logan’s personality is unbelievable.  He is SO smart, attentive and social.  He always wants to be part of the conversation.  If we are trying to talk to Conner at dinner, Logan will always start up his own conversation and try to capture our attention.  He always wants to know who is calling on the phone and just wants to know what is going on.  Plus, the kid is just hilarious!  He comes up with the silliest games to play and the funniest things to say.

So, I have this habit of always leaving a bite or two on my plate after a meal.  I don’t know why, but I just never completely clear my plate.  I’ve never thought much about it, until the other day when I put my plate in the sink.  Logan saw my plate and said:  “Uh-oh Mommy, not all done!”  I guess it’s hypocritical of me to expect him to empty his plate when I am not doing the same. Last night when I was putting the boys to bed, Logan starting calling: “Dave, come on.”  I asked him who Dave was and he told me it was Daddy.  I then reminded him that Daddy was still at work — he had remembered that Daddy puts them to bed and was helping out.

This child also loves to sing; he is a music lover!  He always want so to listen to his “songs” in the car and has most of my playlist memorized — some of his favorites include Black Eyed Peas, Glass Tiger, and the Killers.

He absolutely brings a smile to my face every day (sometimes he also provides a reason for a grimace, but he is two) and here are some other reasons why:
– putting his tennis-sized balls in his bib while he is eating so they don’t roll away
– insisting on having his hair done the same way as Conner’s
– telling me that the phone is ringing
– saying “cheese” whenever a camera is pulled out
– insisting on hoarding as many toys as possible when we are trying to go somewhere.  He will have his hands and arms full of whatever he can quickly gather.  Makes it really fun to put him in his car seat.
– watching him lay his toys out how he wants and then say “perfect!”
– his signature phrase:  “Have a Good Day!” and how he says it when anyone leaves or puts him to bed
– how he thinks my breast pump is an animal because of the sound it makes (he’s always examining it trying to figure out what kind of animal)
– shaking Audra’s hand and saying:  “good to meet yah.”

Makes me smile just thinking about him and his cuteness!


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