|party time|

Call me lazy, but I just didn’t want to do some big party for Conner this year.  He only gets a friend party every other year, so I knew I had to do it, but simple was the word I used while planning :-)!  We only invited 3 friends.  We decided to do a “late night” type party.  We had pizza for dinner.  We went to Gramma Tanner’s gym room for mini-golf, basketball, soccer, and paper airplane flying contests.  We ate root beer floats (or orange, or grape).  We were SUPER hyper!  We went home and called it a success.  Every kid told me that it was the best party they had been to, which proves to me simple is the way to go.  It also helps that Grandma & Grandpa have a pretty stinking fun room to play in; and that Conner has the funnest uncle ever (Ty).

Conner told me it was the best day ever and is excited that his birthday continues ’til Sunday when he gets his birthday cake at Sunday dinner with the Tanner family and his next round of presents!  All this birthday business has just made Logan even more anxious for his big day — oh boy….


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