The traditional yearly poster --- thanks to Costco!

This is Conner’s special week at school!  His birthday is on Friday, so he gets to be the VIP all week at school.  Nothing makes him happier, he has been looking forward to this week all year.  Logan and I were able to go to his class yesterday.  We brought some visual aids…..some things that we thought “showed off” Conner, or things that Conner loves to do.  Logan was thrilled to say HI to the kids.  We also decided that since Conner loves to make paper airplanes, he should teach his class how to make one for themselves.  Sounds like a good idea, until you are trying to help 25 hyper 1st graders make their own airplane!!  It was chaos, but they loved it!  As if handing them a pointy paper airplane wasn’t dangerous enough, we sent them on their way with a Tootsie Pop.  What is that bit about not running with a sucker :-)!  As we walked out the door, I told his teacher that we were done endangering her students and wouldn’t be back!

After school, Conner’s birthday week kick-off continued when his Primary teacher dropped off an individual birthday cake for him.  It is adorable and is from a fancy bakery.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Conner SO excited!!  He kept saying how nice it was – it really was.

So, the countdown continues . . . 4 days …..


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