|spring break|

Well, unlike this amazing domino track, we did it!  We survived Spring Break (maybe I should say, I survived a week with 3 children)!!  It actually was a fun week, or 9 days as Conner liked to remind us, and I miss having my soon-to-be-7 year old at home today!  The first few days of Spring Break felt more like Christmas Break because of the large amounts of snow and cold weather…..it was yucky and Logan had some adjusting to do since he wasn’t the only child at home.  We spent those days watching “Life” on the Discovery Channel, “Minute to Win It” (Conner’s fave), playing the DSi together and finding lots of toys we hadn’t seen in awhile.  Thank goodness the sun decided to come out eventually, and that allowed the boys to do lots of this:

We were even able to enjoy having Daddy home one day with us….he claimed he was taking the day “OFF,” but spent a lot of it working – typical :-)!  BUT, we did go to Boondocks.  Our intent was just to go mini-golfing.  As we were waiting in line to buy our tickets, a woman approached us and asked if we would be interested in buying 2 of their tickets that they didn’t need.  It would allow us to do anything we wanted for the next 3 hours; it was too good a deal to pass up.  So glad she picked us, because Conner and Dave were able to race while Logan and I went “bolfing ” (as he calls it)!  And we all enjoyed as many arcade games as we could handle.

As it neared the end of Spring Break, Saturday morning brought 2 sleeping parents and 2 crazy boys……let’s be honest, if the baby is still asleep at 7:00-8:00 on a Saturday morning, then so are her parents.  I had left my camera sitting out and the boys found it and had themselves a photo shoot – so funny!

And we officially ended Spring Break with a tooth loss.  Conner’s 3rd tooth FINALLY came out.  It has been practically hanging there for weeks and we finally made him do it!  So, I would say we had ourselves a successful, fun, lazy, calm, and crazy weather Spring Break!  ‘Til next year……


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