|brotherly love|

These two are quite the pair.  Last night they had Dave and I in tears from laughing….it was time to head upstairs for bed and Logan needed his diaper changed.  Once Dave got Logan’s diaper off, he wrestled himself free and jumped up (this is the first time he has done this – yes, he’s fairly well behaved).  He proceeded to run around in his pajama shirt and his bare bum.  He was running in circles and listing to one side, laughing, and making sure he couldn’ t get caught.  Conner was his little accomplice, making sure he would run away from Dave.  They were wildly cute and were having the best time.  As worried as I was that Logan would let loose and leave a trail of wetness, it was too much fun to watch him.  And it was even more amazing that their sister slept through the whole scene.  These are the moments that you never want to forget as a parent and that make those ornery, tough moments worth it.

Another fun moment with these boys was Monday night when we dyed eggs.  We used “egg juice” as Logan called it, whose favorite color was yellow — no one else was allowed to use the yellow dye.  It was so much fun that we are doing it again.  I read somewhere that once eggs have been boiled they have to be eaten within 3 days.  Not being a hard boiled egg fan, I’m wondering if this is true???

It’s so fun to have these boys in my life, and to watch them being brothers.  Speaking of which, here’s what the sister did while we were “egg juicing.”


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