|fly away|

There is a new obsession sweeping our household….paper!  Conner is obsessed with “paper crafts.”  He loves to cut, tape, glue, and design all sorts of things out of paper.  He’s made doors, parachutes, balloons, slides, sleeping bags, punching bags and many other assorted items.  Most recently, he has mastered the skill of making a paper airplane.  He makes one every week for Logan out of his church paper, and I find (and throw in the recycling) MANY of them lying around the house.  He likes it so much that last week for FHE we went to the library and he checked out 3 books on making paper airplanes, so now he has many different designs to pick from.  I think it’s great and pretty stinking cute, minus the paper scraps I find everywhere and the fighting over whose airplane is whose.  I’m also super grateful for IKEA and their cheap paper supply, and for Uncle Ty who humors his little nephew’s obsession by spending lots of time helping him.


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