|growing up|

Today marks 5 weeks since Audra Kate entered the world and our family.  Most people I talk to can’t believe that much time has passed.  It totally feels like that much time to me — the newborn phase is fun, but very exhausting and challenging!  Most recently our newest addition has graduated to size 1 diapers*, she can eat much faster (between 30-45 minutes), and she has discovered a new best friend:  the Baby Bjorn (believe me my back can feel how much she loves it).  Her peely skin is getting better, which means the hair she lost is starting to regrow, and her zits are on the way out. She is getting chubbier by the minute, and we all love having her here:  Logan calls her Baby Girl, Conner prefers Baby Audra, and Dave thinks she is a Princess.  Even with all these developments, one thing remains the same:  I am still typing one-handed…. impressive, huh?!

* I have a funny story about baby diapers.  A few months before Audra’s birth I was at Target where I came across a huge box of my favorite brand of diapers (Pampers) in size 1 on clearance, plus I had a coupon so it was a great deal.  I was so excited because I felt so prepared.  After we went through the package of diapers the hospital provided, I opened up my stock and realized the diapers I bought were HUGE!  I couldn’t figure it out, so I pulled the package wrapper out of the garbage and realized they were Newborn size, not size 1.  Even after 3 kids I failed to remember there was a Newborn size, so it was off to Target for the correct diapers at not such a great deal :-)!


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