This pretty much sums up the day!

This morning at 7:40 I entered the boys room with a screaming baby.  They were both sound asleep, well until we so rudely woke them.  Conner immediately told me that he didn’t have school.  He’s never tried to get out of school before, so I didn’t know what he was talking about.  He continued that his teacher told them today was just for teachers.   Got me thinking that maybe he really didn’t have school, so I ran to the computer and pulled up the school calender….sure enough NO SCHOOL!  Wish I would have known that before I woke up the children.

Because of this I was able to silence the screaming baby by feeding her, instead of rushing to feed the boys.

Because of this Logan had someone to play with today.

Because of this, Logan spent the morning whining and whining and crying and whining because he wanted whatever toy Conner had.

Because of this Conner would find something else to do, and it was never what Logan wanted him to do.

Because of this Conner has decided that he runs the place and can tell me exactly what he wants and he expects it immedately.  Like when he was starving for lunch, but I was feeding the baby.  His 2 year old counterpart understands better than him that he is going to have to wait for a few minutes.

Because of this at several points in this day so far, all 3 children were crying.  One because she needed to be burped, one because he wanted someone to find his airplane when he was supposed to be eating lunch, and the other because he told me he wanted chicken and rice for lunch; when that was presented to him he claims he asked for a sandwich.

Because of all this……Mom has just about had it and has decided that Summer is not going to be as great as she originally thought.  I thought that not having a schedule would be so refreshing, but now I’m beginning to see the light of having 3 children at home ALL THE TIME!

Can you tell it’s been/going to be a day!


2 thoughts on “|because|

  1. This post made me feel so good about myself! There have been many, many, many long days with me and 3 kids… all crying. I know now without a doubt that having three so close almost killed me! It will get better, but it definitely takes some adjustment from everyone. Even the oldest child who is used to being away from it all during the day 😉 Love ya.

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