There are many “magical” tools out there.  We’ve got the good old magic wand, genies in bottles, the mirror on the wall, fairy godmothers, etc.

I have come to discover my own magic tool —- my blow dryer.

I have always known the magical powers of this device.  It takes my SUPER curly hair and transforms it into the straight hair I so desire.

Now I am aware of a new power . . . . the blaring sound that comes from this device (which Dave claims is going to make me lose my hearing) is the magic ticket to getting Audra to fall asleep.  It works every time.  The only problem: we can’t run the blow dryer all night!!


2 thoughts on “|magical

  1. I use my humidifier on HI in my babies room, and it works all night plus you can be as loud as you want during the day and they don’t even hear you.

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