When it is my week to drive morning carpool (or drop the kids off at school), Logan always gets upset when the kids get out the car and we start to pull away.  “Bubby school, bubby school” is all I hear . . .  he wants to stay and go to school.  Unfortunately, he has quite the wait ahead of him.  Since his birthday is the end of September, he just misses that cut off and therefore has to wait a whole extra year to start school.

I do happen to be a proponent of Preschool — not necessarily for the educational value, but for the social atmosphere.  There are a few Preschools in my neighborhood, but they follow the age cut-off quite strictly which means unless he is 3 at the beginning of September he is not eligible.  I was kind of bummed because I figure by Fall, both and he and I will be ready for a little break :-)!  After researching all I could, I just let it go and decided I would maybe try for the Winter but figured he and I would just get to spend another year together.

This may not seem relevant to this story, but just stick with me.  Last October Conner decided to try out for the first ever school musical.  He landed a part in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” as one of Woodstock’s gang, Scratch (I love that they gave every cast member a name).  He had weekly practices, and finally had his big performance the night before the baby was born.  I was so happy I was able to attend!!  Anyway, on the back of the play program was an ad for a Preschool for 2-3 year olds run by the director of the play.  I couldn’t believe it.  I finally got around to calling her and am happy to announce I have secured Logan a spot in Preschool this fall.  I told him about it and he can’t stop talking about it; it may be a long Spring & Summer!

Since I didn’t have a chance to mention it earlier, Conner was absolutely adorable in his performance.  He smiled the whole time, fluttered around like the cutest little bird, and learned all his songs!!  It was SO fun to watch him and the whole production.


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  1. Dig the bird. I have Creed in an “early 3’s” preschool and LOVE it as well. In fact he went a year ago to a play/learn class through the county when he was 2. It was great and helped in many ways.

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