Since today is the 2nd, I thought I would focus on my 2nd child — still can’t believe we have 3 kids!  I thought for sure Logan was going to be more work than a newborn, but he has been so delightful since the arrival of Audra.  He has been such a good helper; bringing me my large water bottle, figuring out how to do and get things while I am busy feeding (which is a lot), being patient, and most notably saying LOTS more words and sentences.  He has really grown up!  I am so grateful for this, and although he’s not perfect, he is two after all, it has been a much smoother transition.

Also SO grateful for the weather today.  It hit just about 60, and the boys were able to go outside and play.  I think we all needed that.  It was fun to watch them come up with games and work together — I am very anxious for Spring, so today was a great teaser!

Can’t forget to mention that our little girl spoiled me last night and had a 4 hour stretch…. of course I was ready to explode (tmi) but it was awesome!


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