Today it seems our little girl has some gas/gastrointestinal problemos.  She has been the most fussy we have seen thus far and really just wants to be held.  She did start off the day staying awake for 2 hours, so we’ll see if that aids in her sleeping tonight.  As I think about the day, I am DEFINITELY most grateful for my mom.  She has been more than readily available to help out.  She has spent many an afternoon at my house keeping an eye on baby so I can sleep.  Not only that, but she has spent that time cleaning bathrooms — bathrooms which I am embarrassed to say have not been cleaned in weeks and had reached that “mortified” stage.  I appreciate so much knowing she is there and wants to help out.  I know there are cultures out there that once a baby has been born, other women move in and help out the new mom.  I can see now why that is so important and how really the best thing in the world is women helping women, because we can all understand one another and the joys and trials of being a new mom.


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