I am currently reading a book which suggests keeping a gratitude journal – or recording at least one thing to be grateful for at the end of each day.  I have done this before in my life and find that when I do I am much more aware of what I have been given rather than how hard life is, or what I am lacking.  Audra is now 10 days old and it has been quite an adjustment having a newborn again, along with 2 other children.  She definitely has her days and nights confused and that has left Dave and I wondering if the rest of the world would mind switching our days and nights around :-)!  I am enjoying having her in our family, but there have certainly been some hard, exhausting, and frustrating moments and I know there will be more to come.  Because of this and because I do want to keep a record of some of her life, I will be focusing my future posts on what I am grateful for that day (that way I can also keep it short and simple which is what I need right now)!

2/28/10:  Today I am grateful for the Olympics.  I was so looking forward to them starting and have enjoyed having something to watch at all times, especially since I spend so much time nursing (about every 3-4 hours and it takes at least an hour per feeding).  I also have enjoyed them because I have really seen Conner’s interest in some of the sports perk.  He has asked many questions and is quick to find the American and cheer them on.  Most recently, he asked about the SLC Olympics and where all the venues are – he is really thinking and wants to figure it all out.  At the same time, I am glad that the Olympics will be ending tonight.  It will be nice to kind of get back to normal.


One thought on “|gratitude|

  1. I understand all about your interest in the Olympics and also wanting them to end. I love that they are on late at night because I can watch them but also not good because I don’t sleep. Sorry I know you are not getting any sleep and it’s hard to focus on the fact that yes one day you will get a little bit of that back. Hang in there!!!

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