Audra Kate

This is Dave. Amber is getting some much-deserved rest after an amazing delivery of our beautiful daughter, Audra Kate McNamee. I thought I would post some info since many people are probably watching this blog, waiting for news.

First, some stats: 6 lbs 3 oz (in between Conner and Logan in size), 19 inches. Born 4:57 PM on Thursday, 18 February 2010. She has a little bit of short dark hair, it may be curly. Labor was induced with pitosin, but Amber did it without medication again. My mom, Amber’s mom, and our sister in law Lisa were all there observing the birth. Our wonderful midwife delivered the baby and we had the help of a fantastic doula. I tweeted details of the whole thing while it was  happening, so you can get the chronology of the event here: (older tweets are towards the bottom, and there are multiple pages so start at the bottom and read up to get the feel of the story).

Now some comments: I am sitting here, watching some curling with my daughter nearby in her carseat peacefully sleeping. I know I am biased, but I think she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. She does not look like the boys. She has been awake quite a bit. In fact, when she was born she opened her eyes and looked around at everybody, she did not cry hardly at all. Her eyes are huge, maybe even bigger than the boys, who knows. The one word I would use to describe her features is delicate. Her head is perfectly shaped and she has big feet.

As for the birth, it was amazing again. Amber had to be induced because of low fluid levels. That was hard for us to take since she had started on her own with the boys and we knew how much harder it would be to go sans medication with an induction, but we went to Davis Hospital yesterday morning hoping for the best. They hooked her up to an IV and started putting pitosin in her. It took a while and several dosage increases before amber entered full-on labor. Once she was going, we had our full support team there: L/D nurse (who happens to live very close to us), a midwife (CNM-like an OB but nicer and more attentive) that was there all day, and our doula. The midwife and doula were the same ones we used for Logan’s birth.

Anyway, apparently the pitosin really cranks up the intensity of contractions. Amber worked through each one, sometimes standing, sometimes laying down. As they got harder and harder her breathing (and noises) became more intentional and very controlled. As I wrote in my tweets, the word I would use to describe the atmosphere in the room is reverent. Everyone quitely supported her as she did some really hard work. I was so proud of her. She’s really a wimp (no offense sweetie) but when it comes to childbirth it seems like she can handle anything. Finally around 4 PM she said she felt like pushing. I was a bit surprised because the last time she had been checked she was at a 4, but the midwife checked her again and said she was ready.

At this point the really hard work began. Maybe she should give the rest of the story, but suffice it to say that she changed positions a few times while pushing. I prayed a lot during this part. I have to admit I was concerned, but it turns out I didn’t need to be concerned because she came out at 4:57 PM. Due to Amber’s position I was the second person to hold her after she came out, all slimy and purple. I cut the cord. All the non-professionals in the room were crying (myself included) and rejoicing. I was so proud of Amber, and so happy that our daughter was healthy and here.

She was beautiful from the moment she came out. Amber held her for a little bit before the nursery nurse did her receiving work. When we passed her over to get weighed she started peeing and kept on going in the tray of the scale. I am guessing she would have been 6 lbs 2 oz had that pee hit the floor instead of the tray, there was a lot of it. After she was prepped I held her again. There’s something different about having a girl. I knew as I held her that a piece of my heart would always belong to her.

In all the falling in love I forgot to have them give me some gloves so I could inspect the placenta. That was a tradition of mine with both the boys, but it was gone before I realized it. We took a boatload of pictures (some will be uploaded later, so stay tuned), but I failed again in getting a shot with just Amber and the baby in the delivery bed (so sorry honey).

Conner and grampa Tanner came to see her a little later, then Ali and Megan came too. Logan did not come because he is a little sick. It was so nice not to have silly restrictions on who could be in the room. Let me just say this: Davis Hospital is an excellent place to have a baby. Everyone we worked with was personable, nice, and understanding of our desire to have an unmedicated birth. It probably didn’t hurt that we delivered on a slow day, but I think even if they were busy they would have been that nice. Our two nurses (L/D and nursery) that helped us yesterday were exceptional.

I went home after watching men’s figure skating with Amber and the baby. We hadn’t picked her name yet. This morning I went back to the hospital and learned that Amber did not sleep much because she was in a room between two noisy families. We found out that they would let us check out after the baby had been there for 24 hours, so I went home in the afternoon to see Conner’s performance in Reading Elementary’s production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” which was awesome. Conner played a bird. Then I went back and we decided finally on the name: Audra Kate.

We got home around 6 PM to find that our wonderful home teachers had brought us a delicious dinner, complete with a gluten-free dish for Logan. Amber’s parents came over, as well as her sister and month-old baby (oh and her husband too) and then my dad got here. It would have been perfect if Logan hadn’t been sick. We had to quarantine him away from the baby, but he got to see her long enough. He really wanted to hold her.

That brings us up to the present. She’s still sleeping, although she has made a few squeaks recently that lead me to believe she is going to wake up. I better try to sleep, too. We’ll post pictures soon. For now, I’m just happy she’s here and so proud of Amber.


6 thoughts on “Audra Kate

  1. Wonderful report on a blessed event! So glad she is here – I admit that I was one of the ones checking the blog to see if she had arrived! Hope to see all of you soon. We leave on Tues for our new life!

  2. We are so happy for you! Barbara shared the news this morning(Saturday)since we had not heard, so I went straight to the computer to see your post. “Congratulations!” to the McNamee Family, “Yeah, Amber!!” and “Welcome little Audra Kate!” We look forward to seeing pictures and meeting your sweet baby girl!

  3. Congratulations! That is probably the most wonderful experience thus far with having kids. That first meeting is one that you never forget. Beautiful name, can’t wait to see pictures. Congrats again! Way to go Amber-you are the WOMAN!!

  4. Congrats!! So glad to hear all went well and you have made it home with no complications. I was able to get an update from Connor during carpool. He was excited to meet his sister and also told me he was teaching Logan how to be a good big brother. So cute. Can’t wait to see your little princess. Love the name.

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