|sWeEt heart|

The tradition of making Valentine cookies dates back twelve February’s ago…..Dave and I were newly engaged and we spent the evening making, baking, and frosting heart shape treats!! He doesn’t remember that, but it’s true. I have been making sugar cookies every year since – some years with friends, some with Dave, and now with my kiddos. I think it is a great tradition and one I didn’t think would happen this year (thought baby would have arrived by now).  We were able to spend the evening watching the 2010 Olympics kick off and satisfying our sweet teeth!  I even whipped up a batch of gluten free cookies for Logan.  He loved being part of the process, especially the cutting out and tasting :-)!  Conner and I did the decorating, which means unless a cookie has half a jar of sprinkles on it, it’s not enough…..I am so glad I was able to keep up the tradition and spend this time with my boys.


One thought on “|sWeEt heart|

  1. I remember the year we made V-day cookies together – they were SO good! And we also made heart shaped rice crispies and dipped half in chocolate. We were so fancy! Too bad I’m on a wedding diet this year – maybe next year I’ll have to start the tradition up!

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