My latest question is:  if you can have someone do something for you, then why not?

I think as adults we would JUMP at the opportunity to have someone, oh I don’t know:
-get us a drink
-put on our seatbelt
-clean for us
-dress us
-carry us to and from the car
-pour our cereal/milk/juice
-open doors for us

Well, my two year old thinks that it is better to do ALL these things by himself which means this list and many other things take a LONG time to accomplish!!  I guess he just hasn’t learned to be lazy just quite yet.  Actually some of these could be helpful if he masters them before child #3 arrives.

BeLlY uPdAte:  Just came from the midwife.  Still at 1 cm…..head down but up high, cervix way back, which means there will not be a birthday today (2/10/2010)!  I’ve never gone this long in my pregnancy so it is a new thing for me.  We would all love to know WHEN, but all we can do is wait!!  I have been feeling better and sleeping a bit better this week so it is making it more bearable.


One thought on “|lazy|

  1. Just wait until he turns back into a “baby” after the new one comes. Then you get to carry two of them! We are anxiously awaiting your news (as I am sure you are).

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