Conner absolutely could not wait to see his newest cousin.  Since children are not allowed in the hospital right now (don’t even get me started on that) he had to wait until the baby came home.  We went for a little visit and were impressed that Conner was so anxious to hold the baby (it took him a few months to want to hold Logan).  But we were even more shocked that Logan wanted to hold him.  It was hilarious!!  Every time the baby would move, or open his eye a little bit Logan would burst out laughing/hysterical laughing.  He kept asking to hold him and still continues to ask about holding Mey-mey’s baby!  I hope this level of enthusiasm keeps up for his own little baby.  Kade looks just his dad, so we have all come to the conclusion that the Tanner genes just are not that strong…..


3 thoughts on “|thrilled|

  1. Amber,
    These pictures are adorable! How exciting to get a preview of the excitement Conner and Logan will have as new big brothers to a baby sister! Best wishes for the “last stretch!”

  2. well he is a gorgeous baby. congratulations to megan! i still have your wrong blog address on my blog list so i was so frustrated that i couldn’t come check in on you. glad to see that things are going well and you are on the home stretch! i’m so excited for you to have a little girl.

  3. We are hoping that this little girl comes as well as her brothers did! Best of everything and we will be anxious to hear all about it.

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