|Conner catch-up|

It feels like, suddenly, a lot has happened around here.  We’ve all been so excited about the baby!!  But little Kade’s arrival hasn’t been the only milestone as of late.  Conner has had a few himself.  He is really growing up, some days I am just in awe of him.  It feels like I never see him because he is always at school, but I love spending time with him.  I love to listen to him read, and to watch him come up with games for he and Logan.  And I love that he is so excited about his sister’s upcoming arrival.  In order of occurrence, here are Conner’s latest and greatest moments!

{GREEN KARATE BELT}  He only has brown and black left to finish up his Junior Karate career.  He is currently the Asst. Instructor and really enjoys karate.  We are going to be taking a break for a few months while Conner performs in the school musical and the new baby arrives, but we know he’ll be glad to get going again!  He did awesome on his test.

{SUNDAY TALK}  I was not at church 2 weeks ago, so I was not made aware that Conner was to give a talk this last Sunday.  Both Dave and Conner knew but failed to pass along the message.  I happened to be talking to the Primary Secretary on Friday and learned of this news.   Growing up we had to memorize our talks and I have passed that rule onto my family.  This didn’t give Conner a lot of time to memorize, but he did it.  Dave came up with a wonderful talk about “How I know Heavenly Father & Jesus Love Me.”  Conner even memorized a scripture and told a wonderful story about my mom.  He is such an amazing kid!!  I was not able to attend the actual talk, but have heard him give it twice since; Dave said he did outstanding!

{ANOTHER TOOTH}  Conner lost his 2nd tooth on Sunday night.  We had all been at my brother’s house for dinner.  My mom and I headed up to the hospital to take the new parents some dinner.  Dave, the kids and my dad headed home and on the way Conner pulled out his very loose tooth!  He is currently showing it off at Show & Tell and loves to stick his tongue through that hole!


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