People keep asking me how I am feeling . . . so thoughtful!  My typical response is “PREGNANT!”

It is crazy to me how every pregnancy has brought different discomforts and symptoms.  At this point I would love to not be pregnant anymore, but I also know it is much easier to take care of the baby now than it is when she comes out :-)!  I’m very excited to meet her, as is Conner.  It is so sweet.  He tells us frequently how he can’t wait to see his baby sister!  It is definitely going to be an adjustment, but it will be so nice to have such a wonderful little family all together!

For my own record, I am currently 36 weeks.  I was checked at 34 and there was nothing to report other than the head was very far down.  My midwife decided a check last week wouldn’t be a good idea because I had been having a lot of cramps (which usually means effacement) and Dave was out of town.  She was afraid she may trigger something.  We’ll see what this week brings!  I have quite a few contractions daily, some stronger than others.  My body is definitely getting ready; as am I.  I have been having more fun getting the nursery ready and shopping for all that girly stuff!!  We’re on the countdown.


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