Logan’s hair has certainly taken its time to come in.  The back is definitely thicker than the top and even sports some pretty stinking cute curls.  I had considered trimming these curls up a few weeks ago, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  At this point unless his curls are sprayed with water they just end being “mad scientist” craziness, and after a nap it is the craziest.  The time had come.  As we talked to him about it, he was very excited to go with Conner to get his haircut.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Lucky for me, it was Dave who headed up this little venture!  Logan is 2 and likes to cry about just about anything, but we all know he will survive and he did in fact survive his first haircut.

Give that kid a sucker and you’ve pretty much made his day!  Look how the curls are still there, but much more manageable.  I think he is so adorable and hope the curls don’t ever go away.

Conner is an old pro at the whole haircut business — his hair grows faster than weeds, so he gets to have a caveman look for a minute.  I like his hair longer, but not shaggy long!  This was his “preparing for the baby and Mom won’t have time later on” haircut!


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