|D day|

Friday marked a VERY big day in Conner’s life.  It was Dads and Donuts for all the 1st grade classes.  Conner learned about this event at the beginning of January and has been counting down ever since.  And I’m not exaggerating……he has talked about it, asked about it, or done both EVERY single day since hearing about this upcoming event.  He was very, very excited!

On Thursday he failed to bring home his lunchbox, so I asked him where it was.  This was his reply:

“Oh, there wasn’t time to go get the lunch basket because we were getting our room all set up for Dads and Donuts.  Did you know we’re going to have milk, chocolate milk, juice, and punch.  I’m not sure what kind of donuts, but I bet we will have that kind that has the see-through frosting or maybe the chocolate ones with sprinkles.  Guess who is making our donuts?  The cafeteria ….. or maybe not, maybe someone will just buy them.”

Can’t you feel the excitement!!  The report from Dave was that the kids sang some songs, they ate donuts (just glazed), he and Conner read some books and then he watched Conner take an AR test.  It was great!

Now, Conner can’t wait for Moms & Muffins.  And I guess they are talking about Fries & Favorite person.  This is a concern for him because his favorite person is Logan.  “But Logan is only 2, so he can’t come by himself.”

Oh boy!!!


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