Dave sometimes refers to himself as furniture … not in a good way.  He thinks I sometimes just use him for furniture – something to lay on, or be propped up on, or snuggle up to, etc.  Guess what?  I don’t think being furniture is a bad thing.  We all have our favorite place to sit and veg – whether it be a comfy chair, the couch, or bed.  We look forward to going to this place to relax.  We know this place will always be there for us – we can rely on its comfyness!!

That is my hubby in a nutshell!  As we celebrate him and his birth today, I am so grateful that he is always there for me.  He’s ready and willing to do what is required.  He is a constant in my life.  He brings me more happiness every day I know him.  And even though he usually hates it, he is my comfy furniture that I need in my life!


One thought on “|comfy|

  1. Thanks princess. I am glad to be your furniture, because it means you like being close to me. I am also glad to have lived another year with you and the boys. Now we just need our little girl to get here.

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