|celebration time|

Here’s the thing, I’ve always hated having my birthday in January.  Come on, we all know that January in Utah is the worst month ever.  Christmas is over; Winter has settled in; it is cold and YUCKY outside; there are no major holidays, etc.  I could make the list longer, but you catch my drift.  Needless to say, I have  a January birthday and so does my hubby.  Even though we just bought presents for each other, we make it work.

I had an epiphany today as I was out and about.  I went out and about to see what deals I could score on the after-Christmas sales (or really to see what was left from right after Christmas).  I deliberately went out in search of a bargain.  You see, I love a good bargain.  If I don’t have to pay full price for something, it totally makes my day.  It sometimes makes me chuckle to think about all the suckers out there paying full price; when if they would just wait a little while or do some research they could find a good/better deal.

It struck me: when else during the year can you find such amazing sales?  After Christmas, or January, really is the best time to score a deal.  So, when I thought about it, I realized how fitting it is that my birthday fall in January.  I guess it’s not so bad  . . . . I just don’t want any of my children to grow up hating their birthday in January, so everybody cross your fingers that I make it into February :-)!


2 thoughts on “|celebration time|

  1. I think you should have your baby on Valentine’s Day. I have loved having my birthday on Valentine’s Day especially as a teen, it never matter if I had a boyfriend or not…I could still celebrate the day. Happy Birthday!

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