the FUN they bring/cause
& being FUNDAMENTALLY blessed:

Once upon a time Dave was self-employed and it was great!  Great, except when it came to having a baby.  Part of being self-employed is buying health insurance.  Everything about this insurance was great, except the $6500 it was going to cost to have a daughter.  Ridiculous!  Anyway, Dave started doing some consulting work for a start-up company.  This company was started by two men who Dave has worked with A LOT over the years.  Dave really, really liked working for them and one day they offered him a W-2 job.  Besides the salary they would pay, health insurance was offered.  Dave and his anxious wife tried not to get their hopes up that this insurance would reduce the baby cost.  One day the benefits meeting was held and lo and behold……baby #3 would be covered by the insurance and it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.   Forms were signed and smiles were found on the faces of the relieved parents!

Shopping anyone?


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