So, before Christmas I happened to mention how cute I thought the little Zhu-Zhu pets were.  You know the number one Christmas gift?  The one people were waiting in line for?  And fighting people for?  I thought they were a great alternative to an actual, stinky, LIVE hamster and decided I’d think about getting one in March or so when the hype died down.

Imagine my surprise of opening one on Christmas morning.  Dave did some research, found out what time Wal-mart was supposed to get them in and went.  He found one sitting in the wrong spot and grabbed it.  So, now we are the proud owners of a mechanical rodent.

I am not the only one excited about this; Logan loves the pet, and can be found chasing it around the kitchen floor saying: “go, go go” (only it sounds like “doe, doe, doe”) because when you turn the hamster on it says those exact 3 words.  Got me thinking about how totally the opposite I feel right now.  I’m coming up on 34 weeks gestation and I can feel it.  Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I feel great and am not complaining.  I am just noticing how hard it is to bend over, and then how sore my back gets if I bend over too much; and how sometimes when I’ve been sitting it is nearly impossible to stand up and then walk — usually turns into some sort of waddle.  And I’m just tired; plain tired!  In fact, I just feel like doing this all day:


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