{let’s get together}

We made the big move over the weekend.  Logan and Conner now officially share a bedroom!!  And Logan is out of the crib, temporarily in a toddler bed until I find the beds I want for the boys.  Plus, I think it made for an easier transition for him.  So far, so good.  The first night Conner said Logan talked too much and rubbed his leg on the wall (all things we knew he was doing in his crib).  The first morning they were up awfully early, but I think it was due to the level of excitement they felt — kind of like Christmas.  The next day Logan insisted that Conner take a nap too……he doesn’t get that Conner doesn’t take naps.  I decided to make the move over Christmas break and I’m glad I did.  I think by the time school starts back up again they will be in a routine, able to sleep through each others noises, and will be getting enough sleep again :-)!  It really is the end of an era, but for now they are enjoying it!

Now, begins the fun of decorating the nursery — there is actually some pink going up in my house, who would have thought?


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