{passing of the torch}

This last week, I literally passed the YW torch.  Both Dave and I were surprised last week to be released from our callings.  I have only been in YW for a little over a year and certainly did not see this release coming.  I am actually quite sad about it and will miss working with the Laurels and serving with the most amazing women in our ward who make up the YW Board.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, no one passed the torch to me.  I am callingless…..which is fine for a while, but also stressful because who knows what is to come?

Dave was also released from Ward Mission Leader, which he has served in for just exactly a year – also a short post.  He did however receive a new assignment to serve as the Teacher’s Quorum Advisor.  He is SO excited to be back in YM, and I am excited for him.  I think he deserves to have a fun calling after his “heavier” more recent callings!

So, that’s the news around here…..changing times.


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