{ho – ho – ho}

Saturday was our annual Tanner Family Christmas party in Payson.  That is the town my dad grew up in and where my grandparents have resided since the 40’s.  The party was held at the “green church,” as it is known.  I wish I had a picture, because the color green is very hard to describe and/or believe.  Mint green is about the closest I can get.

Anyway, it was nice to see my 93 year old grandparents and catch up with the other family members.  Perhaps the highlight was a visit from Nanta Claus as Logan calls him.  When the jolly old fellow first entered the room, Logan ran to me and wanted to be held; he then wouldn’t let go of me.  He literally had a death grip on me.  I asked him if he wanted to go see Santa – his immediate response was NO!  We got in line toward the end and I talked to him while we waited.  By the time it was his turn, he was game for sitting on Santa and saying HI!  And he did it….I was pleasantly surprised.

Now he walks around saying Nanta (sounds a lot like banana, btw) is coming to Bubby’s house to bring toys.  Of course he says it 50 times a day, and we still have 11 days to go!  Anyway, it was nice to get together.

Giving Great-grandma a homemade Christmas card!

My cute grandparents!


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