{a fairy visit}

Conner went to bed last night and then about 3 minutes later came running out announcing that his tooth had come out!  He was So excited, and honestly so was I.  His tooth has been loose for a very long time, so long that his new tooth has already started growing in behind it.  I was beginning to wonder if it would ever fall out or if some sort of medical/dental intervention would be required.

Apparently Conner had written himself a note and taped it to his headboard to remind himself to wiggle his tooth every night.  He was just going through the motions last night when it popped out.  After a few pictures and once we had all calmed down (what is it about something happening to your first kid for the firs time that is so exciting?), it was back to bed.  Conner got out his little tooth box, put the tooth in, and packed it under his pillow.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that I attempted to get him to put the tooth and box on his nightstand.  Suddenly the reality of having to sneak money under his sleeping head hit me.  Of course he wouldn’t hear of it, and the box stayed under his pillow.

Now the fun begins.  Dave thought a quarter was sufficient for this milestone.  It just didn’t seem like enough to me – isn’t that how much we got?? And shouldn’t we take into account inflation?  And then just as I was about to go in and exchange money for teeth, I realized that if the tooth fairy took the tooth he would have nothing to show off but isn’t that how it is supposed to work?  Where is the manual on being the tooth fairy?  After a quick phone call the person who knows it all – my mom – it was decided that we leave the tooth and the money.  Also, mom, sister, and uncle all agreed that a quarter wasn’t going to cut it.  We decided on a dollar.

Then Dave decided that I should play fairy……I really can’t remember being so nervous.  Seriously, what if he woke up?  He didn’t, but I just kept thinking of how many more times I am going to get to do this.

It was a pretty exciting night for us!  But Conner was even more excited this morning when he found both his tooth and a dollar!!  Did we do the right thing???  I guess so!


One thought on “{a fairy visit}

  1. That’s so awesome. Eliana lost her first tooth a month or so ago… same issue with new teeth growing in behind… and it was crazy how pumped I was! We also went with the dollar! Although I remember getting 10 whole cents, so whatever 😉 I’m happy for Conner. What a milestone!

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