{remembering when}

…it wasn’t snowing outside?  Sure makes going ANYWHERE a lot quicker, but it wouldn’t be Winter or Christmas time without all this white stuff.  Some things I have learned in the last 3 days since the snow began include:

– not going to need a carwash for months
– even though I’ve already had one little boy and his snow clothes, for the life of me can’t find them anywhere which means Logan  is the recipient of brand new boots, gloves, and pants.  Honestly, it’s driving me crazy . . . I consider myself relatively organized, but these items are nowhere to be found!!!
– Logan DOES NOT like wearing a coat.  Hopefully it’s just a phase and he will grow accustomed to looking like a brown marshmallow
– my sweet hubby won’t let me shovel our death driveway in my current condition :-0 —- I’m not complaining

I also remember when it was warm enough outside to take this (a sample of the long-awaited family photo shoot):


One thought on “{remembering when}

  1. Love this picture of your fam. That is a great background color. Where did you have them taken? And that is great about the lunch boxes. Did they clean out the lost and found or something? Silly kid.

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