{happy day}

Today is the day we get to celebrate my mom and her birthday!  I remember my grandpa always telling the story of the day she was born and how there was a big snow storm.  She was their little “Christmas” baby, and maybe that is why she was given the beautiful name of Kristine!  This year it’s not so snowy, but I have always liked celebrating her birthday near Christmas.  My mom is one of the most amazing people I know, and her love and knowledge of the Savior just radiates from her.  She is an example of so much to me . . . . I’m still trying to be a mom like her, but this last year I have really come to admire her strength and attitude.  This is a woman who truly knows what she wants and what is best.  She is able to trust herself and her Heavenly Father and makes wise choices based on that.  I know the last year has been a lot harder on her than she lets on, but has continued to be positive and strong.  If there were one person I would never wish such a terrible disease on, it is my mom.  She has so much to give, so much to share, and so much to offer.  However, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to focus just on her.  Sometimes as a mom it is easy to get taken for granted, so I’m glad we have been able to be more and do more for her during this time.  She truly deserves it and she deserves to have the very best birthday!


One thought on “{happy day}

  1. Amber, you said it so beautifully! Your mom is an amazing woman! It has been a blessing to have known her as a sister (-in-law) for so many years and then to have witnessed her strength and trust in the Lord since the cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as the last few years of heath trials. What a miracle has been accomplished in her behalf! The rest of us are filled with joy that we will be able to continue to love and associate with your mom. Happy Birthday, Kris!

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