{looking back?}

I’ve been considering doing an update on my mom for a while, but now feel it is necessary!

About 2 weeks ago (before her 5th chemo) she had a CAT scan and it showed a large mass in her abdomen area.  The doctors were obviously concerned about it and didn’t know what it was, so they decided it was time to do a PET scan.  PET scans light up any fast growing cells.   Cancerous cells are fast growing, so this scan would show if this mass was indeed cancerous as well as the progress on the rest of her body.    Needless to say, it was a very LONG two weeks as we waited for the scan and didn’t know what we were dealing with.  If this mass was in fact cancerous, it would mean that the chemo wasn’t working and they would have to start all over with a different type of chemo.  The scan was last Thursday and we were all on pins and needles waiting for the results.  There were countless prayers being offered that this mass would not be a problem.

My mom called me friday and was bawling, but she said that the mass was gone!  It was just completely gone!!  I couldn’t figure out why she was crying if the news was good.  I guess all of her worries and stress just came pouring out and she could finally relax.  It really is a miracle and an answer to MANY prayers.  Not only was the mass gone, but her lungs looked really good.  There were just a few small spots on her left lung, but they think that could be tissue from her biopsy incision.

Today marks her 6th and FINAL chemo treatment.  I think we are all having a hard time believing we are at this point, but I definitely feel like we’ve been given a great gift from Heavenly Father.  All of us, especially my mom, get to continue on in life.  We get to celebrate these upcoming babies together and not have the stress that we have had.  Of course, my mom will continue to be monitored and it will be a long while before her hair returns and she puts on some weight, but the world just feels lighter.  Dave commented on just that after Sunday dinner.  You could feel the relief and lightness as a family.

I remember months ago when this all started saying to Dave that I couldn’t wait to look back on this time.  Because when you are looking back it means that the trial is over!!  This trial may not be completely over, but it feels like the hardest part has passed and now we can look back on it and realize how blessed we were and are!


10 thoughts on “{looking back?}

  1. I’m so happy to hear this wonderful news! It does feel like a huge burden has been lifted when things begin to improve and you can again look forward with hope. I’m thrilled for your entire family!!

  2. That is such good news. I am always amazed at the miracles that happen each day. This is a wonderful outcome and what a strength builder for your family.

  3. Amber,
    So glad to have the good news confirmed! G&G told us that there was good news and the cancer was gone, but I’m so glad to have more details and feel the joy in your post. It is a miracle and such a tender mercy of the Lord! We rejoice with you and your family!
    We love you! David and Jan

  4. I am thrilled to hear that the news is good. Miracles really do happen, I am so happy for your family. I hope that everything continues to improve for her and for your entire family. It is such a great testimony builder to watch your prayers in action and know that Heavenly Father is watching over all of us and really cares about each one of us.

  5. wow. i’m so glad i visited your blog tonight just before i shut down the computer. what wonderful news to happen upon. …and even though you’re being cautious as you look ahead, i am so thrilled that this particular miracle has happened for your family. what a wonderful blessing. i want you to know that all of my kids-down to my 4 year old-pray every family prayer ‘bless kris tanner’. they don’t even know what a sweet, wonderful woman your mom is. but they know it is important to me and so they always remember. please let your mom know of my love. she will continue to be prayed for. i would love to come see her sometime. i just had my 6th babe, so maybe in a couple of months when things have calmed down for me (and all of you). with love, lisa

  6. We all feel so blessed by this miracle! You wrote a beautiful description and we are so glad to hear such wonderful news. It will indeed be a very happy Thanksgiving/Christmas time for all. And thank you for being the famiy spokesperson. Please give your love to all.

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