This is how I feel, because I did it.  It is done.  I finished making my book from my blog.  It certainly didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, but I’m beginning to learn that nothing involving technology ever does.  All 104 pages will be here, in printed formed, shortly.  Can’t wait to see it, and have this record of my family for years to come!  I was more excited to get it done when I got an email from Blurb saying it was 20% OFF until November 24th.  I can’t resist a sale, so it spurred me to jump on it and get it done.  And done it is….have I mentioned what a relief it is?


One thought on “{done}

  1. Amber: Thanks for blogging about your mother. It has helped us keep up with what’s going on without having to call or email Don or your mom all the time. We are THRILLED! What great news. We were so happy to get the email from Don telling everyone what the scan revealed. Your mother is a beautiful, strong, wonderful person and we are so, so, so relieved. Many prayers have been offered for her all throughout this ordeal and I’m sure that Heavenly Father has been aware of her situation and the love that so many have for her. What a blessing to know that we can go to Him for help and comfort during difficult times.

    Again, thanks for your updates and hooray! hooray! hooray! See you at Christmas. Kay

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