{too quiet}

Logan and I had been downstairs doing morning stuff.  Dave was at home working in the basement.  I told Logan I was going upstairs — I had stuff to do on the computer and thought he would follow to play in the playroom.  He didn’t.  I could hear that he was still down in the family room, but he was being awfully quiet, for an awfully long time.  Let’s be honest, as a parent don’t we relish in the quiet moments?  I knew I should check on him, but was enjoying the quiet time and how much I was getting done.  He doesn’t usually stay away that long, so I was sorta impressed with his ability to play alone.  Guess what?  I should have followed my instinct and checked on him.

Eventually he made his way up the stairs; I turned to see he was eating something and his hand was full of something else.  Not a good sign.  I pried his hand open and found MANY gum wrappers.  I pried his mouth open and found a small amount of disintegrating gum.  Yip, he had entertained himself {quietly} with my purse.  Which included eating (chewing and swallowing) 8 pieces of gum!!

Silence is never good and just can’t be trusted!




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