{Sunday nap}


What is better than a Sunday nap?  Well, our current church time is 11:30-2:30 so it makes napping tricky.  I believe this church time is awesome for adults with no children, but it is not my favorite.  We miss lunch and nearly miss nap time.  It’s just tricky, but luckily it’s only for a few more months.

Last Sunday, Conner was bored.  It was getting to be time to head to Sunday dinner at 5:00.  He laid down on the couch and in a very whiny voice (love the whiny Sunday voice) asked what he could do and told me he was starving.  5 minutes later, he was sound asleep.  When we woke him up, he did not believe that he had been asleep —thank goodness Dave captured these pictures.  And thank goodness, for once, his brother woke up happy and helped to wake him up.



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